The Entrepreneurship Perspective

From the heart

One of the first things seasoned investors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and indeed seasoned students of entrepreneurship ask when they hear of your business is, “Is there any precedent? Has someone done this somewhere?”

They point obviously to idea arbitrage, of taking an idea that has worked somewhere else and replicating it here (where ‘somewhere else’ is usually the US and ‘here’ is usually India, because what are we if not drivers of the great engine of homogeneity). Interestingly, the problems of here (which, we repeat, is India and therefore there are many) are notably absent.

Some of India’s most talked about start-ups, it can be argued, are essentially great execution and idea arbitrage.

It is the great halfway house, presenting the possibility of all of the glitter of entrepreneurial glory and yet a reasonable mitigation of risk.

Well, this is not that.

This is not idea arbitrage.

(We hope you can somehow ‘set’ this line here to Gerard Butler’s Leonidas letting it be known, ‘THIS IS SPARTA’ (hate all-caps but no other way to do justice to it))

Healthcare for the poorly off is a big unsolved problem.

Bigger than the problem of unmet demand for Chinese food at 3:00AM in Koramangala.

Much bigger.

And, bigger not just morally, but in terms of opportunity.

The upside, the business upside, is massive for a start-up that cracks it.

We want to be that start-up.

Armed with theory, and first principles, we are at it.

We could fail, or… we could succeed big.

And we know that we will hurt the probability of the latter if we go around looking for halfway houses.