Definitely Not Typical

The Story So Far

The company got underway as a telemedicine business in mid 2016. The first version of our software was written, and a centre set up at the following, rather interesting, address, in September, 2016:

Main Market, Village Kamela, Block Haidergarh, District Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

A few patients, in the beginning, and some more later, started to come to consult with the doctor from Lucknow.
We had an answer to the most important question. Patients did not have a problem with the premise of remote consultations.

We listened to their stories

The resolution of the healthcare problem is not in simply connecting a doctor to a patient, even though that is a significant step. We started thinking about what it would take. And the answers took us to collecting data better, analysing lots and lots of it, building system intelligence (we are still not sure about AI in medicine but there are plenty of recommendation engines that we see the need for), and assisting the doctor to make the best decisions in the least time.

The story, to put it simply, got complicated

It was clear that connecting a doctor to a patient is, at best, a small part of the solution. Some delightfully fundamental questions arise, ‘medical gaze?’, ‘what is a good doctor?’, ‘cure or care?’. Questions that require the delightful juxtaposition of Michel Foucault and Andrew Ng. And so we reinvented and from IndusOPD, emerged Tardigrade HealthTech in December, 2016 with a bigger better team. That process of becoming a bigger, better team is yet incomplete, and that’s where you find us.