Suhas Misra
Best known for being a co-founder of Hector Beverages (Paper Boat, Tzinga) and, in some circles, for retiring at 35. Now having ‘walked the earth’ for a couple of years, he is back in the game. A ‘serial entrepreneur’ (he cringes at that term but he also co-founded ChannelPlay, India’s premier retail marketing company back in 2007), he left the corporate world relatively soon (Coca Cola, Nokia). He has an MBA from IIM Calcutta (Class of 2003).
Akshat Jain
Director of Public Health
Not too many doctors feel drawn to the challenges of public health after they complete their MBBS but Akshat did, heading to JNU to do a Masters in Public Health (Class of 2006). Apart from the ‘proper’ rural healthcare experience (disease surveillance, health policy and systems, epidemiology across various elements of RMNCHA with UNICEF and WHO across UP, Bihar, Haryana, HP and Punjab) he is a source of some great stories too (tip: mention Supaul, and he will go for it).
Saurabh Kumar
The ‘ops guy’, the one keeping the ship on course, the one who can tell you that the road via Kothi is better to get to Kamela than the one to Sultanpur, Saurabh is an MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai (Class of 2003) and the quintessential sales and channel marketing character (Berger Paints, ICICI bank Reliance Money, Aditya Birla Money). Has been an entrepreneur before—360Yards, a real estate broking firm, 2013—and this time he’s determined to make it count.
Harsh Tyagi
Guru Developer
Because every company needs a Terminator, a rock star developer and a tamer of horses rolled into one (Harsh hits 2 of the 3 checkboxes at the time of writing). An IIT Delhi alumnus (Class of 2011), he picks up any new technology faster than you can say, well, ‘technology’. When not coding he’s likely to be found at the gym making him the favourite for our ‘techie in shape’ award. Of the 5 tech products that H&M have built together, three— Moojidoo, Scrabbl, Vendr—are written here and two left for Meet’s blurb, quite arbitrarily.

Meet Singhal
Data / Product / Design
The other half of our IIT Delhi double team (Class of 2013), Meet is the seeker, whether it be through books, through entrepreneurship or through spirituality (the vipassana champion of 2017, among other such), and is therefore the one most unlikely to be satisfied by any given explanation. So a natural for double hatting as the Chief Critical Officer apart from being the data person in the team. And of course we have to complete the H&M list here, so the balance two: Drona Lectures, GetSetBuzz.
Dr. Anna Ruddock
Anna’s journey from senior research analyst for India at the UK Foreign Office to a Phd in medical anthropology from King’s College, London (on the consequences of excellence in medical education at AIIMS) might raise eyebrows, but if you factor in the BA in anthropology from the University of Sussex and a multidisciplinary MSc from the University of Oxford, then it makes perfect sense. Our advisor on all things social science of health and medicine.
Sandipan Chattopadhyay
The master simplifier who enjoys the most complicated problems (but, ‘keep it simple, not simpler’, mind it!), Sandipan was the CTO of JustDial after having been a co-founder of Whether it is working with entrepreneurs finding solutions for ‘the next 500 million’ at Xelpmoc, or finally cracking voice at Mihup, he plays many parts and we feel quite delighted that one of those parts is our advisor on tech and data and well, business in general.
Priya Naik
You name a social problem and there is a good chance that Priya has attempted a solution. As founder and CEO of Samhita Social Ventures, she is one of the best known names in the non-profit space in India. Has the pedigree (alumnus of Yale, alumnus of University of Michigan, she has been a researcher at the Poverty Action Lab at MIT), the experience and the restlessness that make her the perfect advisor on all our plans for the non-profit space.

Dr. S B Gogia
Dr. Gogia is the quintessential polymath--AIIMS alumnus (class of 79), practising surgeon, inventor, coder...well, the list goes on--who makes sure that our technology works for doctors instead of the other way around.