Why Tardigrade?

Definitely Not Typical

Well, often we find that this question, implicitly, is what’s tardigrade? So, in case you already know what a tardigrade is, our apologies for answering that anyway.

Tardigrade is just about the coolest animal there is. It’s small. We need a microscope to see it, in fact. But it is absolutely indestructible. Indestructible.

It has some crazy survival records in its name:

  • Outer space, check.
  • At the ocean floor, check.
  • At very low temperature (close to absolute zero), check.
  • At very high temperature, check.
  • It has survived each of the five mass extinctions.
Quite a beast.

Now, the original question,

‘yes, interesting but why name a health-tech company after this fellow?’

1. The tardigrade adapts. We would quite like adaptability to be our thing. Not in the least because of where we operate. We are a start-up but as far as start-ups go typically we are, literally and figuratively, out there

2. We find the tardigrade to be extremely ‘trippy’, and that, when you’re a start-up, can be reason enough. So there…

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